Friday, February 12, 2010

Please help to contribute to the body of knowledge on professional selling?

I remain convinced that for the sales  to become a recognized profession, we need a wider scientific body of knowledge. Therefore, I try to help people who want to contribute to this body of knowledge. I was recently approached by a doctoral student from the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University and asked for some help for completing the dissertation.
This student has 20 years of experience in sales and has been trained in methods like SPIN Selling, Solution Selling and Strategic Selling just to name a few. The doctoral candidate invested now 4 years on research finding sales behaviors that bring long term success to both the selling companies and the individual salespeople.
The research so far has resulted in several hypotheses that predict most successful sales behaviors.
These hypotheses need now be validated through a field survey. And here is how you can help. If you are salesperson or a sales manager carrying an individual quota, please follow the link below to answer  the specifically developed questionnaire.

If you are not falling into the above categories, but want to help, please forward the link to all people in your network who do qualify. A minimum of 250 respondents are needed for the results of the survey to be significant.

So please help that 4 years of hard work bear fruit and the student can complete the dissertation to receive the Doctorate degree. Ironically the degree will be a Doctorate in Marketing. This just shows how far we have to go yet to get sales to be a recognized profession. I think we have to already be grateful that the dissertation topic was even accepted for a Doctorate in Marketing

Expect the results of the survey to have major impacts on sales people as these results will be published You can make your voice heard by participating in the survey via this link.

If you want others to give a chance to voice their opinion too, then please forward this link. But please specify the qualification requirements for the respondents as mentioned above

Thank you.

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  1. Great idea. I shared our data.

    Steve Waterhouse


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