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As a consultant, coach and trainer, I help B2B sales leaders, aspiring to higher performance of their organizations, to define and implement solutions based on system thinking with clearly measurable outcomes 

I have come to the conclusion that new philosophies are needed to improve sales performance, as,over the years, despite an abundance of proposed solutions, too many sales organizations have not made much progress improving their performance. Therefore I act as a sales leadership methodologist, who  focuses on the leadership pyramid first and then on the individual contributors to improve performance. I work with Fortune 500 companies as well as with local and regional champions. I conduct business in German, English and French.

I am also a lecturer on graduate programs at ESB Business School@Reutlingen University and at Aalen University , both in Germany. My topics there are: Complex Sales Methodologies, International Sales Management; Structuring and Leading International Sales Teams.

I take engagements as keynote speaker for organizations who appreciate fresh and provocative thinking about the  fascinating world of B2B selling.                 

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