Tuesday, October 15, 2013

80% of sales jobs will change in the next 3 years

It is a fact. Many sales experts and commentators are telling us that 80% of sales roles will change by 2016.

That doesn’t necessarily mean 8 out of 10 salespeople will lose their jobs, but it does mean that most of us are going to have to change the way we sell.

We already know that the way we communicate is changing. We are having far less face-face meetings than before, as we begin to utilize the array of online conferencing tools available to us.

The way we learn is changing, as we use the internet to research and keep up to date – how long before newspapers and books disappear altogether?

The way we develop relationships is changing: We now connect through social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

And of course the way in which we buy and sell is changing forever …
Are you ready to change?

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  1. The market forces of digitization, mobilization, and purchasing governance are going to dramatically change the ways in which buying and selling occur. This will transform the role of the traditional sales person and diminish the need for that position. That does not mean that there will be fewer jobs per se in the world of revenue generation, but those jobs will be different than that from what we now call "sales."

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  3. Agree with your point that "We already know that the way we communicate is changing" and yes face to face meeting are getting lesser.
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