Monday, March 04, 2013

Gain exclusive insights into global B2B Sales and Marketing research by contributing to study

In 2005, MathMarketing and MarketingProfs set the debate about alignment alight when they published the findings of their global study on Sales and Marketing alignment. With 1,390 sales and marketing professionals from 84 countries taking part, their research found that businesses that achieve alignment have a significant competitive advantage over those that don’t.
Their findings have helped to shape the worldwide debate on Sales and Marketing alignment and the repercussions of the findings are still being felt today (e;g. see the presentation "Does your Sales  & Marketing Tandem Drive or Inhibit Growth")
 But as the business environment keeps evolving, so should the research of this topic.

This time, MathMarketing is teaming up with Marketo, a leader in marketing automation, to revisit this topic and determine the role that Sales and Marketing alignment is playing in the growth being achieved by B2B businesses today.

You are invited  to participate in the research. There are  some fantastic incentives for you to participate. Aside from getting the opportunity to contribute to leading global research, you will receive a full copy of the report, enabling you to leverage valuable benchmarks in your own business. The organizers of the research recognize that your time is super-valuable, so they are going one better.
As a participant in this landmark study, you will also receive an invitation to attend their  exclusive Sales and Marketing Alignment summit, hosted by MathMarketing CEO Hugh Macfarlane. During this on-line summit, which will be free but open only to survey participants, Hugh will lead a discussion on the  research findings, and then take your questions on the study, the findings, their  recommendations, or anything else you want to discuss.

You know how it goes: the power of major research like this lies in getting a good number of well-considered responses, so please join them to uncover the state of alignment in 2013. Please click here to complete their survey, and help shape the future of B2B Sales and Marketing alignment.

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