Thursday, April 23, 2009

Revenue Growth Strategies are not an Oxymoron....

in this down economy. On April 30, 2009, I will hold a webinar over at the Top Sales Experts entitled “Where is your revenue Growth to come from?”. Having lived almost an equal amount of years in the corporate strategy sphere as I live now in the Sales Consulting, Teaching and Coaching world, I have helped many Sales Executives and Managers to get more clarity on their Sales Growth Strategies.

Based on this experience, I have now develop a new road map to clarity. I will present this for the first time to a wider audience on said occasion.

Lots of advise is available to salespeople and how to adapt to these turbulent times. For example, I have heard Jill Konrath saying in her fist Sales Stimulus preview call that salespeople need about 50% more leads to have a chance to make their numbers this year. I will show you on a high level where to look for those leads without running the risk of creating collateral damage. Getting clarity on this will also help you to work smarter instead of harder. Others have suggested you should prune your pipeline and focus on the best opportunities. These can seem as contradicting suggestions. I will show you that the question is not either/or but doing both and assuring on strategic level, that your pipeline does not fill with hopeful but with realistic opportunities

I will introduce you to four generic sales growth strategies. which you select based on where you are finding your leads you want to covert into revenue sources Although defining strategies is important, their flawless execution is the real key to successfully grow your revenues. I will therefore discuss key success factors helping you for flawless execution. Knowing those factors can also help you to have meaningful discussions with marketing on how they can support your strategies.

Depending on where you find your leads, the time it takes to turn them to revenue contribution will differ. Being aware of this, will help you to have more realistic revenue projections.

Sales managers will learn what type of people resources they need for flawless execution of the four generic strategies.

Often, I hear sales people saying, that they could be more successful if the company were to provide them with the right products at the right price points. You need not necessarily to wait for these things to happen to execute your growth strategies. I will help you to get clarity where you can act alone and where only a tight alignment between your strategy and the corporate strategy well lead you to success.

This is not a promise for the silver bullet. All it is, is a framework pointing you to the aspects that you have to consider when defining successful, executable revenue growth strategies for your business. Although Sales executives and managers are profiting more from this concept, particularly B2B sales people with account management or territory management responsibility can also apply parts of the concept.

Developing strategies is often perceived as an abstract task aloof from reality. I promise you that I will make it come to life through examples.

If you are interested to learn more, you can register here for the webinar taking place on April 30, at 1 p.m. US Eastern Time/ 7 p.m. Central European time

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  1. The organizers have informed me that registration to this webinar is now for free.


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